I'm Worried About Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox has been my browser of choice for several years now, on both Windows and Linux. I like it because it is similar enough in operation to Internet Explorer for a former Windows user like me to make a painless transition. Compatibility with modern websites is good, and I really like features like Live Bookmarks and extensions. 

However, I am a bit worried about the future for Firefox; recently they changed the overall design, so that it now looks a lot like Google Chrome, which I thought was unnecessary (if I wanted that, I would use Google Chrome) and the browser "feels" a bit slower in recent versions.

Most troubling though, is the news that Mozilla has ended it's financial relationship with Google, where Google is the browser's default search provider - an arrangement that brought in by far the bulk of Mozilla's operating funds. In the US, Firefox will now use Yahoo! as the default search engine, and other providers in other countries.

I've nothing against Yahoo!, and the search provider can be easily changed, but I just wonder if the cash will flow quite as readily or reliably into Mozilla's coffers in the next five years of this new contract. Mozilla also just implemented showing ads on Firefox's "new tab" page.

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