Why All The Hate For Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer is the default, baked-in web browser that comes with Microsoft Windows; you probably knew that. You probably also know that Internet Explorer (aka simply "IE") gets a pretty bad rap a lot of the time. Personally, I have used Firefox as my main browser in Windows and Linux for the last three years or so - mainly because of two main features: "Live Bookmarks" and the ability to utilize a wide range of plugs ins to add functionality.

My peccadillos aside, though - what is the problem with IE, if there is one? IE has actually had an up and down career, and the current versions available are much better than those from just a few years ago. HowToGeek has a great rundown of the history and the stumbles of the various versions of IE, and gives you a good idea of why it has the lingering indifferent/poor reputation among a lot of techie types.

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