Windows 10 vs Windows 8 - Slideshow

Bear in mind that this ComputerWorld article and slideshow compares the Technical Preview of Windows 10 with the existing Windows 8, so things can and probably will change before Windows 10 is a "real" product - but it makes for a fun comparison.
The buzz of Microsoft’s leap to Windows 10 may be dimming, but the big, 640-million-user question remains: If you skipped Windows 8 because the initial two-face kludge left you cold, should you think about upgrading to Windows 10? Or has Microsoft gone down so weird a tiled rabbit hole that you should dig your heels into Win7 and kiss the new direction good-bye?

I'm not talking about optimal interfaces for contortionist computers or oversize phones. I'm talking about getting real work done with a keyboard and a mouse. Is Windows 10 as goofy as its predecessor? Or does the Technical Preview suggest that Microsoft has righted enough of Win8’s wrongs to make it a worthwhile PC upgrade?

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