Death By Internet?

The Internet Of Things refers to a burgeoning crop of diverse Internet-connected "smart" devices ("things"), from crockpots to automobiles. With the rather pitiful security record we seem to be amassing with online and in-store purchases, banking, and even physical infrastructure, is this path really a wise one to follow - opening all our "stuff" up to potential tampering?

Lucrative, to be sure, if you are creating and selling the new connected devices, and it will probably boost the economy - but wise?

It's bad enough to have your identity or funds stolen, but to potentially be subject to physical harm or property damage by a faceless adversary who can reach out remotely...

If you stop and think with the mind of a tech-savvy sociopath, I'm sure there are many horrific scenarios you could come up with - someone cranks on your home heating system for a few hours during a heatwave and you come back home to a very unhappy pet (or worse).

Not the kind of Brave New World I was hoping for, and I would hope that we would get our security ducks in a row before continuing down this road - but then no-one is asking my advice...


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