Google's Self-Drive Cars - What Are They Really Like?

Courtesty of TheOatmeal, a hands on (hands off?) look at Google's self-driving car and some thoughts on how such technology could help those who can't readily drive themselves due to infirmity or disability - an often forgotten aspect.
When discussing self-driving cars, people tend to ask a lot of superficial questions: how much will these cars cost? Is this supposed to replace my car at home? Is this supposed to replace taxis or Uber? What if I need to use a drive-thru?

They ignore the smarter questions. They ignore the fact that 45% of disabled people in the US still work. (Source: page 20) They ignore the fact that 95% of a car's lifetime is spent parked.(Source) They ignore how this technology could transform the lives of the elderly, or eradicate the need for parking lots or garages or gas stations. They dismiss the entire concept because they don't think a computer could ever be as good at merging on the freeway as they are. 

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