Tempus Fugit - It Really Does

Tempus Fugit - the Latin phrase we usually translate as "time flies" is one of those truisms that just rings so hollow when you are 14 years old, sitting in a Math class in High School. An hour is a miserable eternity.

However, as the years march on it dawns on you that yes indeed, time does fly - and pretty soon (it seems) half of your expected lifespan is over. You have somehow already lived longer than you will continue to live. Gulp.

I really don't dwell on my mortality (notwithstanding a few recent posts on aging), and while that's true I do keep goals or milestones in my thoughts, such as being able to walk my daughter down the aisle (which I did). I'd like to be able to retire with my wife to somewhere warm - not sure about that one. On a more trivial level, I'd like to be there for the next Superman and Star Wars movies!

Keeping those things in my mind help make me feel that the time did not just completely slip away from me, that memorable things took place and that more may yet take place on this journey.


Time, like a river...

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