Weekly Round-Up

Ah, the Holidays are fast approaching, but that does not cause me to sway from my purpose! Once again, I bring you a crop of hand-picked - hand-picked, I say - links to items that caught my eye over the past few days. I hope they will interest you as well.

Streaming Doctor Who on a 31-year-old 4MHz TRS-80 PC - now, that is nutty!

Oldest surviving law faces repeal after 747 years

Engineers have invented "touchable" 3D holograms - no cure for cancer yet, though

Duck face, lolcat, and permadeath: new words added to

The incredible roast beast - nothings succeeds like excess

Joe Sixpack's 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

The Problem With Pantone's Color of the Year - strictly a first world problem

and last, but surely not least:
Sony kept thousands of passwords in a folder named "passwords" - from the "Oh no, you didn't!" department

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