What On Earth Is "Google Cardboard"?

Google Cardboard is a sort of mash-up between the old 3D View-Master toy and the Oculus Rift VR glasses but done on the cheap; it really is made of cardboard. It's essentially just a cardboard frame or box to hold your smartphone while you run some VR (virtual reality) apps.

Once you assemble your little cardboard box and mount your smartphone (Android or Apple), you fire up a VR app and look through the lenses to see your 3D VR image before your very eyes. The "immersive" part - the part that helps with the illusion that you are part of something that is not really there - is that if you move your head around to look left, right, up or down, the scene changes to reflect that.

You can get these from Google and some others (Google provides the specifications for other manufacturers to follow, such as pictured below). It's an inexpensive, fun gizmo that seems to be taking off.


A 3rd party Google Cardboard set

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