A New Buzzword: "Wearables"

The recent CES 2015 brought us many shiny things to gawk at, and one of the more trendy trends is that of "Wearables", from which I am guessing the manufacturers hope to make a lot of money. Wearables are simply wearable technology; bracelets, necklaces, and clip-on thingies that breathlessly promise all kinds of wonderful benefits to the wearer.
Overall, fitness tracking bands and smartwatches are by far the most popular type of wearable technology at the moment. But anything else that’s potentially wearable could be considered a wearable technology. For example, CES 2015 saw the AmpStrip, a sort “smart band-aid” that you stick onto your chest to monitor your heart rate and send the data to your smartphone. A jacket with built-in LEDs could be considered a wearable, too. A ring that monitors your vital signs or functions as an authentication token would also be a wearable.

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