Yay! No More Cooties From Ads On AOL Sites

AOL has put the clamps on a situation where ads serving up malware were being displayed for months on several AOL web sites, including Huffington Post. Obviously, this was not something AOL did on purpose, but it was discovered that ads being served up on some web pages did direct readers to sites that would try to infect their computers. Ads are a vital source of revenue for most web sites, and so it's a big deal for AOL to get this cleared up.
Nick Bilogorskiy, [cq] Cyphort’s director of security research, said was notified on Saturday and the attacks stopped on Monday. Cyphort’s logs showed the attacks started in late October.

An spokesman confirmed Cyphort’s findings via email and said the company took the necessary steps to fix the problem.

“AOL is committed to bringing new levels of transparency to the advertising process, ensuring ads uphold quality standards and create positive consumer experiences,” the spokesman wrote.

A number of other sites were also affected, including, and, Cyphort wrote.

Malicious advertisements are a powerful way for hackers to compromise large numbers of computers. The ads are rigged to redirect users to other malicious Web pages.

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