Your New PC - Cleaning Up The Crud

When you get a new Windows PC these days, you would would think it would be in tip-top condition and ready to take anything you may care to throw at it. However, computer manufacturers love to slather on a boatload of "value added" software, most of which you will never use, or even figure out a use for.

I guess they want you to feel you are getting more for your money, but all it really does is potentially slow down your PC and eat up system resources (particularly from items that are set to run automatically when Windows starts up). 

What to do? Well, you can review the software and remove the stuff you don't need, and the easiest way to do that is probably to use PC Decrapifier, a piece of niche software if ever there was one - and it's free for personal use.

PC Decrapifier version 3 works with recent Windows versions; the basic process is to install the Decrapifier software on your new PC, then run it. You will be presented with a list of installed software, and the potentially unwanted software will be indicated for you - helpful if there is a LOT of stuff installed.

You check which items you want uninstalled, and then PC Decrapifier will do it's thing for you with little or no further interaction. The result should be a cleaner Desktop and a PC that will run that little bit better because you have removed the "dead wood". A quick guide is shown here.
Is your PC running slowly? Even brand new PCs often come with LOTS of pre-installed software that can cause that new machine to come to a crawl. Not to mention all of the annoying pop-ups! Others may have a PC that's a couple years old and we're the ones that installed a bunch of junk! It happens to the best of us. We try a bunch of programs over time and forget to remove them.

The PC Decrapifier is here to help! It's a free tool for you to use that helps remove programs, unnecessary startup items and icons that can slow down your PC. It takes you step by step, giving you recommendations on what to remove, many of which can be removed unattended. Head over to the download page to get started!

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