Facebook Considers Your Digital Remains

The digital age has even complicated the act of dying; in addition to deciding whether or not to leave your favorite walking stick to that no-good cousin of yours, you now need to consider what happens to your email and social media accounts among others. Providers are starting to realize this too and are making provisions for those of us who like to keep things orderly. Facebook, at least for US users, is providing a "Legacy contact" feature:
Once Facebook is informed of your death, your account can be converted to a memorial page and your chosen contact can add a post at the top of your account. They can also change your profile picture and cover photo, as well as respond to friend requests -- although these would presumably only be coming from people who didn’t know you all that well in the first place.

While the legacy contact can, if you choose to let them, download an archive of your Facebook activity, you can be sure that your private messages will be kept out of sight.


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