Finally Flushing Adobe Flash

The Adobe Flash pain train barrels on, with the announcement of yet another "zero day" vulnerability for the product. A zero day exploit is one that has just come to light and for which no fix is yet available; the worst kind. Since more sites like YouTube are switching from Flash to the web format HTML5 to present videos and animations on web sites, now is as good a time as any to put down Adobe Flash Player and slowly step away.

HowToGeek has a very nice guide as to how to rid yourself of the Flash menace, or at least make it harder to become a victim, if you find that you really must still have it for whatever reason.
Andy Manoske of security company AlienVault said that Flash "is extremely prolific with something like ~20% penetration of all active websites on the web", and that there is "an incredible amount of scrutiny on Flash" from researchers and criminals.

The software's complicated architecture isn't helpful in avoiding the discovery of new vulnerabilities, the researcher warned.

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