Microsoft Update Tuesday - February Updates

Microsoft Update Tuesday - formerly Patch Tuesday -  is the second Tuesday of each month (February 10th this month), and is the scheduled release date for security updates affecting Windows and other Microsoft products. It is also the scheduled release day for security updates for Adobe products, through an agreement between Microsoft and Adobe. Microsoft has 9 "bulletins" (individual patch items) three of them "critical", and one of which fixes dozens of various Internet Explorer issues.

My personal opinion - following some flaky Windows Updates recently, you may even want to wait 24 or 48 hours to download them and install the patches - in case there are any serious problems with the updates. See how to configure Windows Updates here. I'm not suggesting you forgo critical updates, but you may avoid some headaches by waiting a couple of days to see if any serious issues are reported.

*one of this current crop of patches may already have been withdrawn for now, after reportedly causing some lock-ups*

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