No More New Bugatti Veyrons

Ah, bugger it - I'll never be able to purchase a new Bugatti Veyron now. One more thing cruelly stripped from my bucket list. VW, who purchased Bugatti back in 1998, has stopped production after 10 years of making this mind-boggling car.

Surely a superlative example of "we built it just to show we could", this $2 million supercar still lost VW/Audi about $5 million per car over it's lifetime, thanks in large part to the huge development costs involved. One of the more amazing things about this collection of geektastic statistics and specifications is that by all accounts it's actually a nice car to drive; not twitchy and high strung as you might expect from such a finely-honed, bleeding-edge machine.

Consider the numbers:

An 8 litre, 16-cylinder engine in a "W" formation
4 turbo chargers
Over 1100 bhp
10 (yes, ten) radiators
Zero to 60mph - less than 2.5 seconds
A top speed of over 250mph (over 265mph on the SuperSport)
8 mpg City, 14 mpg Highway


Not too buoyant, though - image from

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