Remember This? The Supergirl Movie

Now that Supergirl is coming to the small screen, let's take a quick look back to her big screen debut. After we believed a man could fly (the byline for 1978's Superman The Movie), a spin off Supergirl movie was made in 1984, and turned out to be a pretty ghastly affair. Supergirl aka Kara Zor-El was Superman's cousin in the comics, and although Helen Slater was a striking and likeable Supergirl, the movie was supremely silly and featured much scenery-chewing from other actors - campy, but rather joyless (kinda like Superman IV - The Quest For Peace). 

I bring up this iffy movie then for basically one scene - which I have never really forgotten over the years - Supergirl realizing she can fly. In these days of sophisticated flying rigs and CGI doubles, etc, etc., it's kind of wonderful to see some great wire work that looks real (because the actor was actually invisibly suspended above the ground). Helen Slater sells it as a sort of joyful aerial ballet, and it still works beautifully.

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