Remote Communication Could Get Weird

We have had the telegraph, the telephone, Instant Messengers, Skype and the like - all various forms of communicating over a distance, usually instantly. Some are text only, some are sound only, and some have sound and video.

We have also seen some forays into holograms or other video trickery to make it appear that the other party is actually near at hand, rather than in another state or country. The next logical step I suppose would be to allow some kind of physical interaction, and wouldn't you know it the boffins at MIT have been fiddling around with just such a concept.

Their proof of concept device, inForm, has a "low resolution" system as shown in the video below. It's impressive enough, but can you imagine if instead of effectively using a 900 pixel resolution, it was several thousands or millions of pixels? In the words of Keanu Reeves; "Woah!"

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