Robotic Care For The Elderly In Japan

Old people in Japan tend to grow to be really old - they are statistically the longest-lived population in the world. In one sense that's great for them of course, but it strains that country's ability to care for them, as far as available manpower and other resources. The Japanese answer? Why, robots, of course - it's Japan, after all.
One estimate by the Japanese government found that by 2060, the population will have dropped from 127 million down to 87 million—and that as much as 40 percent of the country could be seniors.
In late 2013, the Health, Labour, and Welfare Ministry started recommending nursing care robots to select nursing homes, passing out information packets designed to increase familiarity with certain types of robots. It hopes to eventually transition those robots into wider home use: "Once they are widely used in care facilities," a senior Health Ministry official told the Japan Times, "the government will provide a range of support measures to make them available for care at home."

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