A Driver's License On Your Smartphone?

As a *cough* older fellow who also works with and likes technology, I sometimes find myself in two minds when I run across something like this. Part of me stubbornly wants to keep things as they are - the pace of technology can be bewildering at times. The other geeky part says: "Yeah, about time!"

Now that many of us do banking and even pay for things from our smartphones, why not put our driver's license on there too? It's definitely already being considered by several states here in the US. Obviously, everyone does not have a smartphone and there are other privacy and technical issues, but it sounds like it will be rolled out and tested in the near future.

Delaware is among several US states -- including the bellwether of California -- considering digital driver's licenses, and prototypes will go into pilot tests in some places this year. If those tests go well, the first smattering of virtual licenses could be offered to the public as early as 2016.

The digital version would resemble your printed license, with the same information, including your
name, address and date of birth, along with a photo. And just as your printed license contains a scannable barcode so machines can read the information, so too would the digital version.

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