Less May Be More In Windows 10

While Windows 10 (still available only in a "preview" form) will have a compliment of new features, there are also quite a few items that have been retired in the transition from Windows 8. Poor Windows 8 ended up being a bit like Windows Vista, an odd bird of an operating system that engendered quite a bit of resentment along the way. Windows 7 largely brushed away the bad taste of Vista, and I suspect Microsoft hopes that Windows 10 may do the same thing as far as the legacy of Windows 8. Touch-centric things like "hot corner" navigation and the "charms" feature will be gone, to name a few. For a more complete round-up of those features not making it to Windows 10, take a look at this Gizmag article.

A recent "build" of Windows 10 - image from

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