Not Your Mother's Mickey Dee's

Fast food restaurants are always looking for an edge, something different to help them win in a fiercely competitive arena. A Tampa area McDonalds is trying some pretty major changes in the way the food is ordered and prepared. First, it's a self-service setting with a touchscreen to make your order. Second, they are heavily emphasizing the ability to customize the food order, and it sounds more like a an actual restaurant setting than a typical McDonalds. This is all experimental of course, but who knows what the future may bring?
With burgers, for instance, customers can pick every individual item on a fresh-made quarter-pound burger, including the variety of cheeses and bun style, plus sauces, guacamole, jalapeƱos, grilled mushrooms, bacon, tortilla strips and crinkle-cut pickles among other choices. The Wesley Chapel site is offering both brioche style and ciabatta-style buns baked fresh on site.

After completing their order and making payment at the kiosk, customers pick up a digital “puck,” pick a seat inside the restaurant and McDonald’s staff then bring out the burger, served open-face in a metal mesh basket to display the various ingredients. The puck wirelessly tells the kitchen staff to which table to deliver food. (Customers paying cash can go to the typical counter cashiers.)

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