Some Sounds Are Consigned To History

As technology progresses, there are many things that simply either disappear or become so rare or marginalized that they may as well have disappeared. Those of us of a certain age can think back to numerous gadgets and devices that are gone and probably best forgotten, even though many of the items below may have helped define the 20th century. Consider the sounds of the following:

The typewriter - clickety-clakety-ding!

TV channel change knob - a strangely satisfying mechanical "clunk".

Computer modem - the screechy babble that prefaced any online activity.

"Needle" on vinyl - crackly, hissy, joyous noise.

Children playing outside - definitely not what it used to be.

Turbo prop airliners - like hen's teeth

Rotary dial phones - how did we wait for so long to actually make a call?

Tinny hook-on speakers at the drive-in theater

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