DIY Shaming

Don't get me wrong, Mrs Old Goat and I have done our fair share of DIY over the years - that is one of the perks of home ownership. But when we finally purchased the laminate flooring for our kitchen project, the awful truth dawned that yes, I would spend at least a couple of days crawling around on the floor, sweating alarmingly (I always do, nothing to actually be alarmed about) and re-establishing my love-hate relationship with the tools from that dusty corner of the garage. 

I had meekly hinted initially that we might "get someone to do it", but was quickly tut-tutted out of that notion: "Oh, it's easy - and you did it before!". True, I had put some flooring in a 6ft x 5ft closet a few years ago. I hated that too, actually, but no matter.

What really scuttled me though was that just a month or so prior, Mrs Old Goat had taken it upon herself to strip, re-stain and seal the kitchen cabinets. Fortunately, she took pride in doing it herself and eschewed any suggestion of help from me. I circled the work area occasionally, smiled, and made encouraging noises. It took her much longer than expected because of all the steps involved (a lot of interim sanding and so on), but turned out really well. I could hardly be so caddish as to rebuff the offer to do my share with the flooring project then, under the circumstances.

So here I am, on the third day of working on the floor of our small kitchen. I am almost done, but my knees suggested I should take a few minutes and blog something (or do anything that did not involve kneeling). It looks nice I confess, and other than a horrible start where I worked almost 5 hours and only had about 4 rows of planks in place, it has not really been any worse that I thought it might be.

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