Home Depot Gives Us A Break On LED Bulbs For The Home

Would you buy a few LED bulbs for you home if you could get them for $2.50 a piece? I would. During May June and July 2015, the Home Depot chain will offer Phillips LEDs lamps at 2 for $4.97. These are equivalent in light output to a 60W traditional bulb, and are a screw-in replacement for those - they look more like a regular bulb, too.

The LED lamps being offered are "basic" non-dimmable versions, but it certainly makes a compelling case to switch up a few of these around the home and recoup your outlay pretty quickly.

LED lamps are the next (usually expensive) thing in energy efficient lighting, and avoid some of problems associated with the "curly bulbs" - the often maligned CFL fluorescent lamps. The one thing people may associate with LEDs is perhaps that harsh bluish-white light you see from LED flashlights and so on, but you can get a choice of "color temperature", where a lower number is "warmer" (more like a traditional incandescent lamp).

The Philips lamps being offered are "soft white" with a color temperature of 2700K, meaning it should appear similar to that of a traditional lamp. The 8.5W LED lamp is rated to give about the same amount of light as a 60W incandescent bulb.

*update* I actually purchased a couple of packs of these. They look almost exactly like a frosted traditional incandescent bulb, and the light color is very close also - maybe just a bit "whiter". Subjectively, it appeared to be a little brighter that a nearby incandescent 60W bulb in a similar lamp. Oh, and don't inadvertently put them in a lamp with a three-way switch - they don't like that. No harm done, but much flickering and flashing until I realized my error.

The bulbs are back ordered online at the moment,  but I was able to pick them up at a local branch (they appeared to have quite a few on hand).

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