A Four-Legged Toddler

We just got a 5-month-old puppy, partly as a companion for our older dog and partly because we just like animals, and felt we had room for another.  A puppy is a LOT like having a baby - or in this case a toddler - around the house.

It's a financial and emotional commitment, and it changes the existing relationships in the family, sometimes subtly, sometimes drastically. Mostly, though, you need to re-teach yourself to be aware of that hot coffee cup, move that plate of food a little closer to the center of the table - and to keep a watchful eye on power cables, slipper, plants, socks and anything else you don't want to be chewed up.

But observing that bright-eyed eagerness, and the sense of wonder and discovery in a young life - human or otherwise - is pretty much priceless.

Young Jillian and Lucy

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