Official MST3K On YouTube

Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) was one of my favorite TV shows in the 1990's and now it has a YouTube channel, featuring both clips and a growing list of full movies.

The premise was that several poor souls were stranded on a space station "in the not too distant future" and forced to watch crappy movies; they comment with much snark while the movies run, much as you and your friends might. I assure you, it's a lot funnier than I make it sound!

Although the TV shows is long gone, some of the talent from MST3K went on to form RiffTrax, which continues in a similar vein, providing droll commentaries for other older (and even some more recent) movies.

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Unknown said...

Part of the original MST3K crew formed RiffTrax, but most of the rest formed a group called Cinematic Titanic which mainly did the same thing with a smaller quantity of movies. Cinematic Titanic ended in 2014, but you can still purchase copies of their work on Amazon. The reason for the MST3K YouTube channel is to promote the upcoming new season funded by a record-breaking Kickstarter drive of $6.3 million.