Overweight, Not Yet Over The Hill *Update*

A few months ago, I posted Overweight, Not Yet Over The Hill as a first "chapter" in my attempt to lose some excess middle-age spread, and to get a bit healthier. As I indicated then, this is not an attempt at self-shaming to embarrass myself into losing weight, and it's not even really a "diet".

I just wanted to take charge and try to do the sensible thing for once; and it has worked so far. I am not hungry, because I am not starving myself. I don't feel deprived, as I am actually depriving myself of very little. Portions may be a little smaller, and snacks less frequent, but that's about it. I also do feel better, in that I can now mow the lawn with less huffing and puffing, things like that.

I have lost about 16 pounds so far, a little over a stone in weight as it used to be measured in my home country of Scotland. My original thought was that I should be able to lose 30 or 40 pounds by the end of the year, and that looks do-able. If I can maintain that going forward, so much the better.

So, for the older ones among my readers, it looks like it can be done - and I am most assuredly not a diet or health authority, I am just counting calories with an app and that seems to work for me. It at least makes me think a little more about what I am eating. It may for you too, check with your doc.

Still looking forward to Thanksgiving, though...

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