Prepping For Colonoscopy May Become Less Of A Bummer

If you ever had the pleasure *cough* of preparing for a colonoscopy, you may recall drinking a LOT of yucky-tasting (and expensive) liquid "prep", in order to get your colon ready for it's 15 minutes of fame, so to speak.

Good news then, as a less rancid method may be forthcoming in the form of specially prepared food.
Numerous technical improvements such as miniaturisation and digitised imagery have significantly improved the ability of colonoscopy to identify and treat polyps and lesions before they become cancerous, says Levy.
But even with those advances, the procedure only works if the bowel has been sufficiently cleaned to allow doctors to spot problems – so if people are reluctant to go through uncomfortable regimes to do this, they won't be able to take advantage of the potential health benefits of colonoscopy.
"Everybody should have colon-cancer screening starting at age 50," says Donald Campbell, chair of the department of internal medicine at Saint Luke's Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri. "But everybody hates the prep."

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