A Quick VR Thrill With YouTube 360 Degree Videos

If you are wondering what all the fuss is about VR (Virtual Reality), you can get a feel for it simply by visiting YouTube. Primarily, you need a recent Android smartphone or tablet with the YouTube app. Search for "360 degree video", and you will find quite a few offerings. Apple device support should be here soon (it may be already, but I don't have one to test it).

Once you launch the video from the app, you can "look around" the video while it it running, by moving your viewing device left to right and up and down - it's hard to explain, but fun to try.

Assuming your device has gyroscope (many do), this should work for you. It works great on my Nexus 7 (2013) tablet, but not on my MotoG phone (no proper gyroscope on that device). You should be able to scroll around with your finger, too, but waving the device around is more fun!

Just viewing these videos on a computer web browser gives a distorted wide angle view, but watching in the YouTube app gives the "VR" 360-degree view effect. In an actual VR setting (such as with Google Cardboard or the Oculus Rift glasses), the view would also be in 3D, which improves the "immersive" quality considerably

You're welcome!

The videos look wonky in a regular browser

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