Ah, The Scottish Banter

Apropos of nothing, I thought I would treat my non-Scottish readers to a small sample of some phrases I recall from my "former life" in Scotland. Although Scotland does have a native language (Gaelic - somewhat different from Irish Gaelic), it is not widely spoken these days. 

The part of Scotland I came from would use either plain English or "Scots", which is essentially English with a lot of home-grown words and phrases thrown in for color (or colour, in the UK spelling).

This is merely a wee taste of another time and another place that is still dear to me. These have no strictly correct spelling, as far as I know - we never "wrote" in Scots, at school we would write in standard English - but these are my best (sort of phonetic) guesses.

You may notice a lot of admonitions, as many of these would typically be issued by my "elders and betters".

Haud yer wheesht!  -  be quiet!  (literally "hold your hush")

Ye wee scunner!   -  you little so-and-so!

Stop fart-arseing about!   -   quit screwing around! 

Gonnie no dae that?   -  would you please stop doing that?
      to which one might reply "How no?" (meaning "why?")

Gie us a brek or Gie's a brek   -   give me a break

Away and bile yer heid!   -  piss off! (literally "go away and boil your head")

Yer patter's like watter  -  your argument/explanation is not very convincing

Ah'm fair scunnered   -  I am thoroughly disgusted/weary

Could ye go a wee hauf?   -  would you like a shot of Whisky?

Ye think I came up the Clyde in a barra?  -  what am I, stupid?
      literally "[do] you think I came up the [river] Clyde in a wheelbarrow?"

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