Blabbing On Social Media About Your Law-Breaking: Not A Great idea

There are smart criminals, and there are most criminals; the latter can't seem to resist the urge to brag to others about whatever the feel they "got away with". Doing that while down at the pub with your supposed "mates" is probably bad enough (no honor among thieves), but doing it on social media where it reaches a much wider audience is really just asking for it. And this fellow got it.
21-year-old Gary Pacitti – who was charged just one week later – had a tendency to talk too much on Facebook. 

In the aftermath of the armed robbery, unemployed Pacitti posted a message on his Facebook page, accompanied by an “ashamed” emoticon:
I love money, that’s my problem.”
When his sister asked him what he had done, Pacitti let the cat out of the bag:
“Ladbrokes Portobello”
Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Hardly a criminal mastermind then.

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