Nutritional Label Hijinks

Nutritional information on food packaging can be infuriating for those trying to watch their caloric intake (like yours truly). Manufacturers seem to insist on putting confusing serving sizes on their packaging.

Case in point; vending machine muffin which is marked as 200 calories. If you look closer though, it's 200 calories per serving and there are TWO servings per one packaged muffin. Huh? Who the hell eats half a packaged muffin?

And have you ever actually looked at an actual "serving" of (say) breakfast cereal? They will tout "300 calories per serving" or whatever on the box, but if you actually measure out their serving size, it would seem a nice feast for a hamster perhaps, but hardly what most would think of as a good start to your day.

Now we can debate the wisdom of eating vending machine muffins, but lets at least be "transparent" about it. I suspect transparency means about as much to the food companies as it does to our politicians, though...

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