The Free Antivirus Gotcha

It bears repeating that free (no cost) software actually often comes with a price of sorts. While many free antivirus providers also have paid versions that may offer additional features (and their hope is that you will upgrade to the paid version along the way), they may also bundle other software with the free product's installer to generate some revenue on the free product.

Unless you are paying attention during the installation process - and apparently a lot of us do not - you will end up with additional items you did not want or expect (toolbars or other software, and sometimes changes to your web browser settings).The installation of these other items is usually set up so that unless you specifically deselect the items, they will be installed.

Knowledge is power, so go read this article at HowToGeek or you can go to the Ninite site and download one of their "clean" installers for the product you want.

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