The "Get Windows 10" Icon

If you have Windows 7 or 8 and have the default automatic updates configured, you may have noticed a little icon near the clock announcing Windows 10. It is indeed just that; a chance to "reserve" a free upgrade to Windows 10, which is coming pretty quickly - at the end of July, in fact.

The icon also lets you verify your system can run Windows 10, which is pretty much guaranteed if you already have Windows 8 and more that likely if you have Windows 7, unless you have an older PC. 

Microsoft is eager to get a lot of people using Windows 10 as soon as possible, and are offering a free upgrade for the first year (the upgrade does not "expire" later, nor do you have to pay later).
The reservation process is simply a way to opt-in to the free upgrade ahead of time. Once it becomes available, if you’ve opted-in, the update will automatically download and install for free.
Hmmm, wonder when the bad guys will create a fake version of this....?

image: networkworld

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