Adobe Flash Player - A Sensible Option

Adobe Flash player is the web browser plugin that keeps on giving - giving ways for the Bad Guys to invade your computer with cooties. Repeated zero-day vulnerabilities and exploits paint a sorry tale of security whack-a-mole.

Short of uninstalling Adobe Flash altogether, a sensible compromise is to enable "click to play"; in other words Adobe Flash will not run on site xyz unless you give it an acknowledging click. Flash is still there, it will still work, bit only if you expressly allow it. 

More security = more better.

Doing this in most browsers is pretty easy, although sometimes not immediately obvious. In Internet Explorer, you can do the following:
Click on Tools-> Manage Add-Ons
(or click the "gear" icon at the upper right, and select the same thing)

On the upper left of that window, select Toolbars and Extensions

Further down on the left (under "show:"), select "All add-ons"

In the pane on the right, find "Adobe Systems Incorporated"

Double-click on "Shockwave Flash Object"

Click the "Remove all sites" button, and click "Close" and "Close" again

Close and re-open Internet Explorer. When you go to a site that has a Flash element you want to see, you can click on the "click to run" icon.

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For help on disabling Flash on other browsers see Graham Cluley's site here.

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