Windows 10 Free Upgrade - May As Well

If you have a PC with Windows 7 or Windows 8 and are wondering about Windows 10 - I would say "go for it" and upgrade. Now, I would wait a month or so to see how the first batch of upgrades go, but after that, why not? It won't be free for ever, and if you want to upgrade after the first year's grace period, it will cost over $100 whichever flavor of Windows 10 you purchase.

If you stop and think, Microsoft Windows is now about the only consumer OS you actually have to purchase; OS X, iOS, Android, Linux, etc. are available at no cost. Since Microsoft makes plenty of revenue elsewhere, one wonders if they may in fact continue to offer Windows 10 for free after the first year, if only to gain the kind of market share they are aiming for? 

I would not hold my breath, though.

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