Yet Again, Another Flash Player Zero-Day Flaw

Another day, another Adobe Flash Player flaw that is subject to hacking. More and more, computer security folks are suggesting that everyday users simply ditch Flash from their PC - an option that is becoming more realistic now that other technologies like HTML 5 can provide the same functionality.

Flash allows websites to display multimedia content - audio, video, animations - but has increasingly come under attack be the bad guys, and new vulnerabilities pop up with distressing regularity. Because Flash has such a large installed base of users, it remains a tempting (and often rewarding) target.
In order to be protected against this vulnerability, which is tracked as CVE-2015-3113, Adobe advises users to update to the newly released Flash Player versions: for Windows and Mac, for Linux and for the extended support release.
The Flash Player plug-in that's installed by default with Google Chrome and Internet Explorer on Windows 8.x will be automatically updated. Flash Player users on Windows or Mac who have selected "allow Adobe to install updates" will also get the update automatically.

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