Antivirus Or Not?

I swear, anytime an article discusses antivirus software, there is inevitably at least one comment from someone who has "never used an antivirus and never been infected". While that may be true, I would judge that statement more as chest-thumping than sound advice for the typical PC user. Most of us need some layer of protection between us and the Wild West that is the World Wide Web.

To lock down a Windows PC such that an antivirus is not needed requires quite a lot of changes to settings and other software that would make it seem very non user-friendly to most folk.

At a minimum, you would need to set yourself as a limited user, and use some kind of fairly aggressive software firewall, as well as locking down the web browser settings. These days the browser is one of the main ways malware can reach into your system.

All this is fine and good, but it would not be the computer experience you are used to. So, just continue using the antivirus - pay some attention to where you go, and think before you click.

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