Are Tiny Houses A Big Deal?

This is one of those things that actually makes me feels old, or at least out of touch; the "Tiny House" movement. People seek to build or buy the descriptively-named Tiny Houses, which are startlingly small - the size of an efficiency apartment or less; much smaller than even a typical trailer home.

Yep, that's tiny
Now, my wife and I downsized our home recently and now have a small ranch. Honestly though, I can't really see two adults (or adults with kids!) actively deciding to live in a less-than-400 sq ft building.

As I said, I understand the desire to downsize; it can make both financial and environmental sense. I also realize that we used to live in small homes or cabins, and that the average US single family home is pretty huge compared to homes in the the rest of the world.

However, living in what is almost the equivalent of a caravan (in the UK sense) does not appeal to me at all. I can't help but think this is the next fad, and that the vast majority of the Tiny House dwellers will have moved on in a few years.

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