Keeping It Really Real (Really)

As one gets older - and here I mean in the "over fifty" kind of older - things don't bounce back, are not as springy, or just plain don't work as well as they once did. Notwithstanding that most of us in the Western world "have it easy" compared to our recent ancestors of even 100 years ago, we still succumb to the effects of natural aging.

Personally, I have never enjoyed running or really any vigorous physical effort since my youth. Oh, I will walk our dogs and do what is required around the house without (much) complaint, but I don't generally enjoy it - with a notable caveat; I am older, yes, but I am not an invalid.

I realize and quietly rejoice that I CAN still do those things. I can move around under my own power, I can mow the lawn, lift boxes and climb a step ladder. I know people around my age who already cannot do those types of things, and I realize that in the fullness of time that may be my lot - but not yet, and hopefully not for a while.

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