Microsoft HoloLens Gets Real

Microsoft HoloLens is a pretty flippin' cool implementation of "Augmented Reality", where computer graphic "holograms" are overlaid onto one's field of vision to provide a variety of experiences. There is one major/minor drawback with this first implementation of the technology though; the actual augmented vision part is limited to a rectangular area in front of the viewer - it does not fill the wearer's field of vision as some had hoped or expected.

Personally, and without trying HoloLens for myself, I'm not sure if this is such a deal breaker. Of course, it's such a personal preference and I may be in a small minority. I expect Microsoft will eventually have a more immersive version available, software being what it is. However, Microsoft has more or less confirmed the device that will initially be sold commercially looks like it will come with the "letterbox" effect in place.

HoloLens in action (note that in reality only the wearer would actually see the "hologram" effects).

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