Motion Sickness Worse In Self-Drive Cars?

I am prone to motion sickness yet I don't have it when I am driving, and I suspect most fellow sufferers are the same. So, what would happen in a self-driving car? It's an interesting question, to which I had not really given any thought until now.

There are quite a few aspects to motion sickness (like how it seems to be worse when sitting in a rear seat - at least for me), but it looks like we queasy types may be in for a rough time with self-drive cars. 
For adults, motion sickness will be more of an issue in self-driving vehicles than in conventional vehicles. Some are expected to experience motion sickness often, while others may actually feel sick every time they’re riding in an autonomous vehicle, a study by researchers at The University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute revealed.
Ugh, bring on the Dramamine!


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