What The Hell Is Wrong With People?

Well, after just reading about two monumentally dopey (and fatal) accidents I find myself again wondering "What the hell is wrong with people?". I know when we are younger, we often feel invincible, and I know that alcohol can impair ones judgement, but these two just leave me scratching my head - and I don't even know that alcohol was involved in either of these.

One - a man places a firework launch tube upon his head, and set off the rocket. He died instantly, perhaps mercifully. One can only imagine what that looked like to onlookers.

Two - after being warned there was an alligator in a bayou, a man said "F*ck that alligator" and jumped in. Immediately thereafter he broke a 200-year-old streak since the last person was killed by an alligator in the area.

It's easy enough to get accidentally killed just crossing the street, but these two put some extra effort into it.

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