On Facebook, No One Can Hear You LOL

The LOL shortcut convention for "laugh out loud" is pretty dead these days, at least in Facebook. In a week long survey ( I guess they had some slow time to fill up) Facebook researchers found that less than 2% are using the LOL comment on the site to indicate laughter - pretty remarkable for something that seemed to be pretty universal for a good while.

I think perhaps that's the point; when something like that starts to be used by your Mom or even your Granny, maybe it's time to move on...
Still, one imagines there must have been hundreds of millions of de-identified expressions of laughter. Humans, though, aren't always imaginative in their self-expression. Indeed, 15 percent of people posted at least one so-called e-laugh. (This is not to be confused with the bell-e-laugh.)
And, what do you know, 51.4 percent of them wrote "haha."

Woof? I dunno.

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