Queen Elizabeth II Set To Surpass Victoria's Record Reign

I was born in the UK and lived there till my mid-twenties, whereupon I left for the USA to start a new life. I am now nearing 60 years old, and it dawned on me that Queen Elizabeth II has actually been the monarch there my whole life. 

It turns out that Her Majesty is very close to surpassing the more than 63 year reign of Queen Victoria; on September 9th that rather amazing record is set to be broken. Perhaps a little surprisingly, no big official events are planned to mark it - I suppose that might be considered "bad form".

In 2016 however, Elizabeth II will be 90 years old and there will be numerous official events to celebrate that milestone. Even though "the Monarchy" has fallen into some disfavor in recent years, I believe the Queen herself is still quite well regarded, as one of the more "normal" royals. 


The Scottish version of the Royal Coat of Arms

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