The Stars Are Night Are Big And Bright

I have had an interest in both astronomy and photography to varying degrees over the years (more so the latter), and the video here boggles my mind. It shows a bunch of students enjoying the heck out of stargazing and meteor watching, but it does so with a Sony camera that allows filming at the equivalent of ISO 100,000.

As someone who (back in the day) thought "pushing" black and white negative film to ISO 3200 was just the bees knees, this is nothing less than astonishing. To see folk walking around in the dead of night with the stars blazing above is just...well, look for yourself.

It should be remembered too that star gazers use very low light levels when moving around, to avoid messing with their night vision. Those "bright lights" we see in the video are anything but to the naked eye.

Make Me Dream from Uncage the Soul Productions on Vimeo.

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