Transparent Solar Panels - Seeing Is Believing

Solar panels which produce electricity from sunlight are a  great idea, but they have historically been rather inefficient, and also require a lot of surface area to produce useful amounts of "free" power.

While efficiency is improving, wouldn't it be nice if we could have a transparent type of panel that could work as a covering for office windows and take advantage of all that surface area while not blocking anyone's view? Well, looks like we will get that soon thanks to a couple of decades of inspired head-scratching.
"It's a whole new way of thinking about solar energy, because now you have a lot of potential surface area," says Miles Barr, chief executive and co-founder of Silicon Valley startup Ubiquitous Energy, a company spun off by researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and  Michigan State University. "You can let your imagination run wild. We see this eventually going virtually everywhere."
National Geographic


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