Flipping Out For The Flip Phone

I don't need a smartphone, even though I do have one; I was always very happy with my series of "flip phones", or "clamshell" phones. They were small and durable, and ran for several days on a charge. 

The smartphone does give me two things that I use quite a bit, though: a better quality camera/video device, and an easier way to text (I typically use the voice-to-text feature - better than my sausage fingers).

However, it seems like the flip phone (which was likely inspired by the communicators on the original Star Trek TV show) is making a bit of a comeback as a retro cool type of device among various movers and shakers.
Celebrities including Rihanna, Kate Beckinsale and Scarlett Johansson have been photographed using their flip phones. The ageless rocker Iggy Pop told New York magazine last month that he still has an old flip phone called a Rugby “because you can drop it a lot and it won’t break


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