VW: Hubris And Karma Sitting In A Tree...

Car maker Volkswagen has been caught in an astonishingly dumb fudging of emissions data for their diesel cars. Essentially, they programmed the engine management software to act differently when it was being tested for emissions, such that it appeared to be running "cleaner" than it would under normal use.

Such wanton hubris seldom goes unrewarded, and indeed karma has caught up in a big way, with Volkswagen already grovelling and setting aside huge sums of money for the coming onslaught of fines, class action suits, lost sales and goodness-knows-what-else.

Diesel engines in automobiles are more prevalent in Europe, as tax incentives make them an attractive option, and the modern diesel engine is much less "diesel-y" than in days of yore. This revelation could be a big setback for that market segment though.

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