Mac OS X Backup With Time Machine and SuperDuper

This is hardly a Mac OS X backup tutorial - I am not a regular Mac user - but it may help newer Mac users have successful backups to allow them get out of difficulties such as those following a problem upgrade, or a failed hard drive issue.

Time Machine is the built-in utility most OS X users are probably familiar with for everyday backup/restore situations. In many cases, you simply can utilize Time Machine to restore deleted files, folders, etc.

However, if you also use a utility like SuperDuper with an external hard drive, this can create an actual bootable copy (an "image") of your whole system. In the event of something really bad, you can boot from the external drive by holding down the Option key during start up and selecting the attached drive.

Using these two methods gives you a lot more flexibility and security if and when something goes wrong.

YouTube - using SuperDuper

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